Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Days

It was a gloomy day (my favourite type of weather) and I had just managed to miss a heavy heavy rain shower. I hadn’t slept for two days (insomnia creeping in seriously) and the world seemed to be swimming before my eyes.
One of my friends who had signed up for Mark those Stitches had finally received her package the day before. Check out the funky stuff my bud got here and let me tell you, she was super excited. Anyways I trudged home, looking at the misty sky; I walked on the yellow line on the side of the road so I would walk straight and not fall into a ditch!

I checked my post at the pigeon holes in the lobby, and got zilch. I too was waiting for a package from my Mark those Stitches swap partner. But look, what was waiting for me at my door?


Suddenly, I was wide awake and fit as a fiddle; I bounded into my room like a kid with a new toy!!! I quickly ripped it open (okay I do not rip, I open stuff really carefully) and before pulling out the contents, realised that the package smelt really nice. My swap partner had put in some purple dried flowers, really sweet of her. Well digging deeper, out tumbled my pretty pretty stitch markers, strung on a length of soft yarn!!!

Sweet isn’t it? I certainly am going to be making some more stitch markers in the coming future. Suddenly the plain ones I’m using currently seem like such a boring drag. Sorry for the loopy pic, that was the best I could take with the sun hiding behind the clouds.

Well to leave with a sweet note. I have officially christened my baby hammies, they are to be henceforth known as Rinky and Binky (both girls). One day my little hammie, Rinky decided to go “a-wandering” and look where she turned up?

Ain’t she a cutie?

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