Sunday, August 13, 2006

Progress... Lelah Top has just passed the 50% completion line....YAY....I'm so psyched! It's lookin good so first attempt with the I need to save up and buy a few larger sized pairs to incorporate the flair into the waist bit....gosh....this was such a fun project to knit (touch wood)! is a pic of progress so far:

Not a very top quality picture I'm afraid.....the very best I could do with my cellie. BUT anways, what do you think of the colour? It's supposed to look like blood red (well in reality it does) but ended up looking like faded out red here and the bedsheet is actually YELLOW not whatever this colour might be! I am SO looking forward to wearing it....but i do think it might be a bit tight....hmmm......

Oh yes, I finally got assigned to my swap partner for the Funky Scarf Swap....woohoooo! My very first swap =) I'm so excited!!! Can't say who it is well hehehee.....but boy am I happy!!

Well only a lil' post for a report to hand up tomorrow and I haven't even gotten started on it...siiigh...but hunger right now is taking over so got to attend to that first and foremost ;)


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