Monday, November 26, 2007

Life happened

It's been a really long since I last blogged and a LOT of things have happened since then.

Here's the lowdown:
  • I made it through my exams. Instead of a pair of socks as expected, I have two leg portions. Heh.

  • I ended a three-year relationship. It was definitely a big step but nevertheless, the right decision. I couldn't see the point of moving on. What else can you do when the man you thought you knew for three years turns around and ignores you when you need him the most without giving any reason?!

  • I am single after over three years! DUDE...I've forgotten what that was like!

  • My little brother turned 21.

  • I've to get used to everything I own being covered in bales of cat hair *gasp*

  • I am STILL working on my wonderful sweater.
Now in other knitting news, I received a fabulous package from Here Be Knitting as a prize for her very very very awesome contest. Take a gander won't you?

Approximately 1100 yards of the softest merino yarn in laceweight and a tube of delicious blueberry body lotion. I love the colour! Thank you Deb!

Next, I received the final package of SP 11.Wooooot! And my SP really outdid herself. Look at all the yarny goodness. I was speechless!

Two balls of bamboo-wool in a gorgeous blue-gree-purple mix (extreme lower left).

One gaily coloured Sockotta - it's cotton and the colour just cheers me right up! And I really needed that!

One beautiful purple-pink mix of Tofutsies, get this, it contains chitin along with soysilk. Now that's really funky.

Two skeins of purple-blue-green-white Cascade fixation. I love this yarn!

A cute notions case containing a chibi (yay!) and a very cute tape measure. Thank you very much Laura!

Now interrupting all regular scheduled programming for some big news: my little bro bought a car. Like OMG. This is a BIG BIG deal to me because those who know my family and our situation would understand what a big deal it is. Here's a peak of the new mama sita:

Isn't she a beaut?

I thank God for the favour he has bestowed upon my family. We've been through terrible ordeals but He has held us together making sure we wouldn't crack. So those of you going through hard times out there, remember it all happens for the best and I myself certainly believe that with all of my heart.

Therefore you see, it has been a bittersweet month with both good things and bad happening, but eventually I've come to see the good and the reasons for the bad and I am grateful. I also want to thank Mira for helping me in ways I cannot even begin to express. Thanks babe and I miss ya too!

Oh btw, am sorry I haven't been reading many blogs lately because my internet server *insert a lot of colourful language* has BLOCKED FLICKR. How damnedly insane is that? So you see, I haven't been able to access most blogs.

Well, that is all for now. Excuse the digusting cell phone pics. Next on my wish list, a kick-ass digital camera. Heh.

I hope all of you are keeping well and had a fabulous Thanksgiving too.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thinking aloud

I'm confused. It's exam time. Hair getting fried. Brain cells exploding everywhere. Blood vessels threatening to burst.

I. must. knit.

And so the Bayerische Sock was born. Perhaps I shall have pair of socks to mark each time of year the exams roll in. Perhaps not. But I certainly am enjoying this pattern to bits.

But right now, a sock doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Must. cast. on. multiple. projects.

Something simple?


Something CROCHETED?

Pattern here.

Something more substantial?


I cannot decide. Perhaps you'd help me =)

Oh yes I finally manage to take a picture of my very long-awaited SP 11 package.

A skein of Euroflax, a pair of 4mm addi turbo needles, rosebud salve (I love this), sachet of wool wash, keychain and a tin of mints. Thank you SP. I also want to make an apology to my SP for the misunderstanding on Ravelry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

I think that's about all for now. I must return to knit-cough-study.