Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thank you

Thanks for all your support! It really means a lot.

Today I have to study with all my might and then...
...8.30am tomorrow morning, I run the gauntlet.

I need all the luck and prayers I can get...

Sigghh...I miss my family, they were the perfect pick-me-up on days like these.

But thanks for your well wishes, my knitting family, it will certainly help me through.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tough times

I just recovered from a long knitting slump since the FBS. Boy does it feel good to knit again! But I really shouldn't be knitting, I should be sitting at my desk, doing more research, burning more midnight oil and studying for my Immunology exam next week. But I think I'm in burn-out mode, I have no more energy to give, no more motivational spirit, no more....just...nothing.

I need a vacation.
And knitting time is closest to a vacation I'll ever get this year, isn't that a depressing thought?

That's all the energy I have to give today. Hope y'all are faring way better than I am.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new beginning. That's what we all hope for. A little prayer for forgiveness is whispered perhaps? Well I hope whatever you wish for (if its good) and hope to achieve...you will this year.

God bless you all.

Just to break in the New Year, here is an FO that I've been meaning to post since last year. The FBS, sigh...I still have not gotten around to blocking it. But I did manage to finish it.

Well that's all I have got to show for now.

Till laterzzz....happy knitting everyone!

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