Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tough times

I just recovered from a long knitting slump since the FBS. Boy does it feel good to knit again! But I really shouldn't be knitting, I should be sitting at my desk, doing more research, burning more midnight oil and studying for my Immunology exam next week. But I think I'm in burn-out mode, I have no more energy to give, no more motivational spirit, no more....just...nothing.

I need a vacation.
And knitting time is closest to a vacation I'll ever get this year, isn't that a depressing thought?

That's all the energy I have to give today. Hope y'all are faring way better than I am.

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Mira said...

Don't stop! never give up!! You're gonna nail that exam I'm telling youuu!! Jusssst a lil while longer and it'll all be over! (=

I'll be cheering you on! *can u see the pom-poms?*

Jennifer said...

No, you need to knit. Your brain and psyche need a break once in a while, and knitting is perfect.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Please accept this BIG HUGE hug from my little warren. Just think of the great reward you will have after you finish all that work! ((HUGS))

Sally said...

It'll be over soon, this burnout've got that lovely squashy Knitpicks skein still to collect...:) is that better?

ruth said...

I agree that knitting can be a "mini vacation" if you really can't get away. For me, knitting has been more therapy than anything. =)

Nora said...

I hear ya!! In my case, the heat has zapped all my knitting energy... So. Draining. x