Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

SOT - Save Our Tree!

Y'all have cats right? How on earth do you keep them away from the Christmas baubles on the Christmas tree??

My cat has developed a fetish for tapping the baubles, real darn hard, till they fall off the tree and she'll chase it all over the house. Only those not accessible to her (think...7 ft tree, 3 ft access - she uses the couch for extra reach) are safe from the wrath of Grinchy McKitty.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home...sigh...

Darn it. I was hoping not be gone for a month! The last few weeks have been insane - from travelling to entertaining (and being entertained) to shopping etc. etc.

Now I'm finally home with mixed feelings. It's not easy leaving people you love behind and then the transition of moving your whole life from one country to another. It's terrible. I've left my heart behind. It HURTS!

Knitting however, will be back in the picture soon. Till then, this is how I've been entertaining myself. Well I certainly am a little bit more deaf but hey, watching sweet rides like this sure makes up for it dunnit?

I know what I want for Christmas? Car? Not about Mr. Right who stole my heart, all wrapped up under my Christmas tree? Sob...absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Shop with good cheer everyone, for God certainly has given us a wonderful reason to celebrate this time of the year.

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's going to Jingle soon

Warning: Pictureless Post

It's been raining cats and dogs almost every single day. Rather fun I must say. But I do feel sad for the little kitty-cats that live below my apartment. They don't like it much as most tenants can gather from their pitiful mewing.

Oh phew, it hasn't been a month since my last post but not much has happened since then either. No knitting yet. I miss the feel of knitting needles and the much-loved clink clink clink as I settle for an evening of knitting while watching Friends reruns.

That's my favourite thing in the world to do. The perfect way to unwind.

Oh, Christmas decor is coming up full swing everywhere in this country. That does put a rush on things. The year is coming to an end so soon!!

Time flies don't it? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet??

Monday, October 13, 2008

The beat goes on

There still hasn't been any knitting going on this side of world =(

My time instead, is spent traveling, visiting, catching up with friends. So unfortunately I don't have much material to put up here. So here are some pictures of the places I've been recently.



Good times


Have a great week y'all!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In a nutshell..

Wow, it's been almost six months since I last posted. And a lot has certainly happened since then.

Unfortunately there is no knitting content that I can be proud to post here because I've left all my knitting equipment at home! Here in Malaysia I have to be content with staring at yarn that I wasn't able to send back home.

Let's get up to speed now shall we?

My final semester commenced in Feb and ended in June. These past six months were the most amazing out of my fours years here in Malaysia. Though there was not much knitting involved, these few months were a time of self discovery - still ongoing though.

I've graduated with my first major =)
Also, I've managed to pick up some Bahasa Melayu (national language of Malaysia) and can carry out rather funny conversations hee hee.
I've met someone absolutely wonderful and I know I'm just the luckiest person alive!

That's a start for what I know and believe is the beginning of the rest of my life!

Thanks for the sweet knitters in the loop who wished me last Sunday! Sure I'm a year older, but heck, I surely don't feel it haha.

Here's to keeping this blog going. Thanks to those who emailed me often wondering which edge of the earth I'd fallen off of, I really appreciate it!

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend, I know I will =)

Perhentian Island ~ a vacation I'll never forget! More on that later ;o)

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Tideless Beach

Bagan Lalang - the tideless beach

A road trip to a beach with the lowest tide I've ever seen! Bagan Lalang, located in Sepang, Malaysia is known as a beach and imagine my surprise when what I saw was a stretch of land all the way to the horizon!

There was sand, shells, crabs, the salty air smell, all reminiscent of a beach yet there was that essential ingredient missing...sea water.

Strange yet true. It was a fun, impulsive road trip with an aim to get away from the city and turned out to be just what we needed.

Resort in the making


A five star resort is currently in the process of being built at the "beach" and as you can see, everything is on stilts. Why? The water level actually rises that high by night time.
Creepy isn't it? Just to think that the sea water actually creeps in - or wait - more like rushes in by night time. The tide is known have very strong currents and many have lost their lives, not being able to make it back in time before the tide comes in.

The sandy shore itself was good fun to look at. What with the millions of teensy crab scrambling to get away from the big bad monsters stomping around.

I shall try to upload a vid, let's see.

That was Mr. Crabby building a home to keep away the baddies. He's cute isn't he?

Before hitting the beach, we decided to visit one of my friend's mum's plantations. Such fun.

Dragonfruit Tree
Dragonfruit Tree

The Purty Pineapple

Oil Palm Plantation
Gorgeous Oil Palms

It was fun fun to get away from the city and enjoy the greenery.

I hope y'all had a restful a weekend too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sometimes, it feels like forever. Sometimes it feels like a flash.

Time - the dimension that cannot be stopped, where we exist in so helplessly and wield no control over.

So you might assume I have lost all control of time. Yes I certainly have. Life happened.

After months of deviant madness and the beginning formation of some sort of a leash to rein it all in, things finally seem to be slowing down.

Suddenly it feels wonderful to stop and experience each moment for its own beauty.

Kuala Selangor Nature Reserve
Nature Reserve, Malaysia (2008)

Picture 116
Unknown berries, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia (2008)

This blog is officially running again and I hope to keep it regularly updated. Hope all of you are keeping well.

It's good to be back.