Thursday, December 18, 2008

SOT - Save Our Tree!

Y'all have cats right? How on earth do you keep them away from the Christmas baubles on the Christmas tree??

My cat has developed a fetish for tapping the baubles, real darn hard, till they fall off the tree and she'll chase it all over the house. Only those not accessible to her (think...7 ft tree, 3 ft access - she uses the couch for extra reach) are safe from the wrath of Grinchy McKitty.



alt.ayu said...

hey there!! my comps are all down and now that one is working, it's only got the very basic stuff. so i've been mia all the time :(

I've been ok, how are you tho? glad to see that you're back online again hehe!

Nora said...

Just dropped by to wish you the best for the holidays and 2009. x

[Unfortunately, I haven't a clue about the cats babe...]