Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back again

I'm BACK.'s good to be on top of things again. Without further ado, I shall proceed to the interesting stuff, in chronological order.

Here, minus all the chocolate (where did it go? ask my cat) is the prize I received from the very cool
Kimberly after winning her contest.

Two balls of creamy white Misti Alpaca and two balls of funky olive green mohair with pretty silver sparkles running through it.

She had included eight lovely stitch markers that were perfect for lace projects (no dangle = no tangle).

Not only that, but there was MORE, a big fat bar of dark chocolate with blueberries...yummmm...and tiny cute hershey's bars that were uh...gone...blame the cat.

ps. I don't have a cat

Thanks so much Kimberly! I tell you, she knows how to send out very cool prizes y'all.

Next up, I finally received my long awaited Funky Scarf. My swap pal I must say, is wonderful. Her first scarf actually had the misfortune of being lost in the mail and she made me another one. It's lovely.

It's the prettiest mulberry shade, with light pinks and grey. I love the way it feels. The rayon cotton blend is tangibly cool to the skin. I just fell in love the moment I put it on. Thank you swap pal, you're awesome!

Unfortunately, amidst all this joy, there is a grey cloud casting its shadow and this time its in the form of a very serious error in my FBS. It's so bad that I have actually put it down and can't even bring myself to look at it. It gives me the jitters y'all. Anyone willing to perform lifesaving surgery, please contact me, seriously. No really. I'm serious.

Norovember on the other hand, is going swell. I have succesfully HAND-FELTED (yeah baby, YEAH!) my Twiggy Tweed, panels and body. Who's your daddy now? Here is a blocking pic.

Hopefully it'll be put together by tomorrow, just in time for the Norovember celebrations.

That's about all for now. More later. Laterzz y'all

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been a bad blogger lately =(

My excuses:
1. Pictureless post = boring
State of mind = lazy
Environment = lazy

So...lazy + lazy = LAZY
Therefore....LAZY = no photography
= pictureless post
(until 22.11.06)

Current mood = motivated
LAZY + motivated = post with pictures =)

2. Been caught with my FBS in hope of finishing it by the end of the month.

3. Uh...too much food = excess glucose = brain overload = POOF

Anyways I'm back, WITH pictures so that y'all don't fall off yer chairs bored senseless.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for my wonderful family, my loving ----, my awesome friends, my online knitting world and friends, my little pets and life in general. Remember, say a little prayer for everything you're thankful for whenever you can =)

Now onto knitting updates. FBS is on the needles and progressing. I'm on the 9th pattern repeat and I do not know how much longer I should continue. I'm using 4.5mm circs, one strand of Knitpicks Shadow. How many repeats should I knit for a fairly sized shawl for my mom?

A progress pic:

Not a very flattering picture I must say but it's the only one that brings out the closest color match of the yarn.

I love the bumpity bumps of the pattern before blocking

Whats the deal with lifelines? I can never bring myself to use 'em. It's painstaking and well...I simply do NOT have the patience....HENCE....every mistake takes me around an hour to fix hehehe. And it's not like there hasn't been a lot of mistakes, pfffff....I think I could lop off about 4-5 hours in mistake fixing! Dang.

The Twiggy Tweed has not been put together yet, but here is a preblocking, prefelting picture just to show you the wacky colour combination.

Wacky n'est ce pas?

That's all for today. Back to FBS for hopefully what will be a continuous, mistake-free, knitting session.

Happy Knitting y'all!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Post-Exam schedule

It’s finally over. Now I can knit till I go cross-eyed. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

So in celebration of exam-termination, Twiggy tweed from Knitty was cast on. The body and the two panels were completed in two days. In the spirit of Norovember, the panels have been done in Noro Kureyon. It should present a good contrast.

Now it’s time for felting, BUT I do not have a hot water washing machine!! Has anyone had any success with hand felting? I would love to hear of any experiences. Pictures soon.

Another FO would be the cozy I knitted up for my buddy Mira’s cellphone. It’s the Yugioh Pattern, really cute I tell ya. Here is a preblocking picture.

The yarn is 69% cotton and 31% viscose. Any idea how to block it into shape? It’s a bit floppy, but in the picture, a rather small cellphone is hiding inside.

Next up is the beginning of all things Christmas-y. This is the first time I’m going to be knitting gifts for my family, it’s a scary thought since I take like forever to finish something. Eeeep.

Here is what is going to be on the needles soon. The Flower Basket Shawl with Knitpicks Shadow in Sunset.

Those gorgeous Addis are not mine….but belong to Mira who very graciously lent them to me for this project. She received them from her awesome SP.

Now for more cool news, I just received a package from the very cool Polly at All Tanged Up. She noticed that there weren’t any selections of sock yarn here in Malaysia (yes I did whine about that many-a-place) and so she suggested a swap and tada…I received my package. There was yarn, ooo yes there was yarn, and also a tin of delicious Jaffa Cakes that vanished within 3 minutes after I unpacked everything.

The skein on the left is Amethyst from Fleece Artist. It’s in the most gorgeous deep purple I’ve ever seen.

The red ball is Lana Grossa – Meilenweit Cotton Spirit. It’s so soft and yummy.

The lighter pink one is Trekking XXL, soft sweet shades of pink and lilac. The two little balls are Cascade Fixation in a kaleidoscope of colours!

Boy do I have plans for this lot as well. Thank goodness exams are out of the way. WooooOOOoooooot!

Thanks a lot Polly. I love everything you've sent.

Well thats about all for this post. Isn't life just great after exams?

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A sock and a scarf

Exam stress.

I cast on for...

Toddler socks

It was a win-win situation. I get to practice socks, beat stress, end up with an FO and blog about it too.

And it turned out to be...

Look holes! (with a pen for scale)

Toddler? Three year old more likely.
Why? Uh...well technically, I did swatch it but then realised it was a tad too big but continued knitting anyway. No harm, no foul. I did learn how to get rid of the darn holes, keep my stitches even AND the kitchener stitch too!

Now I have one sock in a size that is certainly no use to anyone I know. My first sock, I think I shall frame it. Memories of Socktoberfest immortalised in a framed sock. Interesting.

Anyways moving on. Kathy at
MinxKnits finally received her funky scarf and I'm ecstatic to say, she loves it.
Here is a lovely picture that she was nice enough to take while modelling it!

Doesn't she look purty?

In other news, if you are completely bored and are looking for something to do, check out these bloopers in the celebrity world and entertaining commentating, go visit this site. I’m sure you already know about it but ah well, it’s easier having the link put out for you.

Happy Knitting bloggeroos!

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