Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been a bad blogger lately =(

My excuses:
1. Pictureless post = boring
State of mind = lazy
Environment = lazy

So...lazy + lazy = LAZY
Therefore....LAZY = no photography
= pictureless post
(until 22.11.06)

Current mood = motivated
LAZY + motivated = post with pictures =)

2. Been caught with my FBS in hope of finishing it by the end of the month.

3. Uh...too much food = excess glucose = brain overload = POOF

Anyways I'm back, WITH pictures so that y'all don't fall off yer chairs bored senseless.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for my wonderful family, my loving ----, my awesome friends, my online knitting world and friends, my little pets and life in general. Remember, say a little prayer for everything you're thankful for whenever you can =)

Now onto knitting updates. FBS is on the needles and progressing. I'm on the 9th pattern repeat and I do not know how much longer I should continue. I'm using 4.5mm circs, one strand of Knitpicks Shadow. How many repeats should I knit for a fairly sized shawl for my mom?

A progress pic:

Not a very flattering picture I must say but it's the only one that brings out the closest color match of the yarn.

I love the bumpity bumps of the pattern before blocking

Whats the deal with lifelines? I can never bring myself to use 'em. It's painstaking and well...I simply do NOT have the patience....HENCE....every mistake takes me around an hour to fix hehehe. And it's not like there hasn't been a lot of mistakes, pfffff....I think I could lop off about 4-5 hours in mistake fixing! Dang.

The Twiggy Tweed has not been put together yet, but here is a preblocking, prefelting picture just to show you the wacky colour combination.

Wacky n'est ce pas?

That's all for today. Back to FBS for hopefully what will be a continuous, mistake-free, knitting session.

Happy Knitting y'all!

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Jennifer said...

That is a wacky color combo!

I'm sending you mistake free knitting vibes!

Kessa said...

Those are quite nice colours you chose. =) As for the shawl, mine has 11 motifs on each side (left and right) it measures app 55" across. It was knitted using a 2-plied lace weight yarn though.. Anyway, I think it'll be safe to knit the shawl approximately 2/3 - 3/4 of the size you want the end product to be.. Hope that helps. ;)

prettyknit said...

I have mine FBS on 14-15 repeats, I find that 7 repeats are way too small for me. However it depends how you want to wear it, do you want it just rest on you shoulder or you want it able to wrap around.

Nora said...

The shawl looks great - can't wait to see it finished! x

R a i n said...

Pretty Knit ~ thanks for the info. I saw your shawl, I think I might go for 12-13 repeats.

Nora ~ thanks =) I can't wait myself hehe.