Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back again

I'm BACK.'s good to be on top of things again. Without further ado, I shall proceed to the interesting stuff, in chronological order.

Here, minus all the chocolate (where did it go? ask my cat) is the prize I received from the very cool
Kimberly after winning her contest.

Two balls of creamy white Misti Alpaca and two balls of funky olive green mohair with pretty silver sparkles running through it.

She had included eight lovely stitch markers that were perfect for lace projects (no dangle = no tangle).

Not only that, but there was MORE, a big fat bar of dark chocolate with blueberries...yummmm...and tiny cute hershey's bars that were uh...gone...blame the cat.

ps. I don't have a cat

Thanks so much Kimberly! I tell you, she knows how to send out very cool prizes y'all.

Next up, I finally received my long awaited Funky Scarf. My swap pal I must say, is wonderful. Her first scarf actually had the misfortune of being lost in the mail and she made me another one. It's lovely.

It's the prettiest mulberry shade, with light pinks and grey. I love the way it feels. The rayon cotton blend is tangibly cool to the skin. I just fell in love the moment I put it on. Thank you swap pal, you're awesome!

Unfortunately, amidst all this joy, there is a grey cloud casting its shadow and this time its in the form of a very serious error in my FBS. It's so bad that I have actually put it down and can't even bring myself to look at it. It gives me the jitters y'all. Anyone willing to perform lifesaving surgery, please contact me, seriously. No really. I'm serious.

Norovember on the other hand, is going swell. I have succesfully HAND-FELTED (yeah baby, YEAH!) my Twiggy Tweed, panels and body. Who's your daddy now? Here is a blocking pic.

Hopefully it'll be put together by tomorrow, just in time for the Norovember celebrations.

That's about all for now. More later. Laterzz y'all

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Mira said...

finally a funky scarf for youu!! it's actually a cool cool scarf =)

Nora said...

Love the scarf colours BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FBS???
(Sorry - got carried way).

Nora said...

Love the scarf colours BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FBS???
(Sorry - got carried way).

Sally said...

Yes, the scarf sure feels and looks good and congrats! on your felting. I did have some doubts when I saw that pail. :)

Jennifer said...

Loving the scarf!

Anonymous said...

Rain--Thanks for posting the picture of my scarf. I am pleased that you like it. My DD is making one of the same pattern and same yarn (she bought out the remaining stock at her yarn shop) and the pattern of the colors is working up entirely different.


somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I am glad you like the goodies. What a fab scarf! I am sorry about the FBS, though. Maybe the MA can be used to knit up another lacey project in its place?

mona said...

Rain - I 'll try to help out with your FBS if you want but I'm no McDreamy !