Sunday, November 12, 2006

Post-Exam schedule

It’s finally over. Now I can knit till I go cross-eyed. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

So in celebration of exam-termination, Twiggy tweed from Knitty was cast on. The body and the two panels were completed in two days. In the spirit of Norovember, the panels have been done in Noro Kureyon. It should present a good contrast.

Now it’s time for felting, BUT I do not have a hot water washing machine!! Has anyone had any success with hand felting? I would love to hear of any experiences. Pictures soon.

Another FO would be the cozy I knitted up for my buddy Mira’s cellphone. It’s the Yugioh Pattern, really cute I tell ya. Here is a preblocking picture.

The yarn is 69% cotton and 31% viscose. Any idea how to block it into shape? It’s a bit floppy, but in the picture, a rather small cellphone is hiding inside.

Next up is the beginning of all things Christmas-y. This is the first time I’m going to be knitting gifts for my family, it’s a scary thought since I take like forever to finish something. Eeeep.

Here is what is going to be on the needles soon. The Flower Basket Shawl with Knitpicks Shadow in Sunset.

Those gorgeous Addis are not mine….but belong to Mira who very graciously lent them to me for this project. She received them from her awesome SP.

Now for more cool news, I just received a package from the very cool Polly at All Tanged Up. She noticed that there weren’t any selections of sock yarn here in Malaysia (yes I did whine about that many-a-place) and so she suggested a swap and tada…I received my package. There was yarn, ooo yes there was yarn, and also a tin of delicious Jaffa Cakes that vanished within 3 minutes after I unpacked everything.

The skein on the left is Amethyst from Fleece Artist. It’s in the most gorgeous deep purple I’ve ever seen.

The red ball is Lana Grossa – Meilenweit Cotton Spirit. It’s so soft and yummy.

The lighter pink one is Trekking XXL, soft sweet shades of pink and lilac. The two little balls are Cascade Fixation in a kaleidoscope of colours!

Boy do I have plans for this lot as well. Thank goodness exams are out of the way. WooooOOOoooooot!

Thanks a lot Polly. I love everything you've sent.

Well thats about all for this post. Isn't life just great after exams?

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Mira said...

Dear cozy, I can't wait for you to hug me. The rainy days are here and it's getting cold....

Your future owner

Jennifer said...

FBS is going to be so lovely in that yarn!

Nora said...

YAY! Your exams are over! Now the waiting for results begins (sometimes I don't know what's worse - studying or waiting)!

The knitting looks great as does the package from All Tangled Up - lucky girl!

BTW: What are you studying?

Rain said...

Nora ~ Heck, I was so happy I hadn't thought of the waiting...

I'm doing a double degree, Bach. of Medical BioScience & Bach. of Biotechnology.
What are you studying?

Sally said...

aah...knitting time till the results...I'm absoultely jealous over your new yarns (never petted fleece artist stuff)!!
A pair of thick rubber gloves (those pink ones in the shops will suffice) and lots of patience dear.

ruth said...

wow, a double degree!! smart girl ;)
p.s. i think the duck eggs thing is a taiwanese thing (at least that's what my cantonese friends tell me - they look at the duck eggs uneasily... haha!)

Kessa said...

Yay for post exam period! =) I tried hand-felting before and it was quite.. boring. If you ever do do hand-felting, get thick rubber gloves (your hands are gonna be in hot water for a long time) and perpare to tone some arm muscles. ;)

alltangledup said...

the waiting must be worst than the exams itself. I'm so pleased that you like that yarns and that it all arrived safely.


opportunityknits said...

Can't wait to see your FBS on the needles. That's one of my fave shawl patterns.

Nora said...

In reply to your question (above):
I'm studying medicine...

But, YOU... WOW!! A double degree! Very, very impressive. Good on you!

Which uni? I'm at the University of Sydney (Australia). x

Rain said...

Nora ~ Hey that's not as impressive as Medicine!!! You must be BRILLIANT!

I'm studying at Monash University (Malaysian campus).

Carine said...

Terrific job on that cell phone holder Rain, looks mighty cute! Sooo glad your exams are over, thank goodness we already knew you were going to do well ;-)

sue said...

Oh you are a lucky gal, and Polly sent you some wonderful sock yarn. I hope you enjoy all of your extra knitting time too.