Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bday Post

Here is the belated birthday post that I've meaning to do since the 21st but ah well, things got in the way.

First things first, I GOT MY PC BACK! How much did it cost? Three hundred and thirty bucks. That's around $92. My cellie is going to cost another $50 so that's going to be non-operational till further notice.

Well the morning of my birthday pretty much sucked lemons. So did the rest of the day till around twilight. Well then it kinda picked up after I went off for dinner with my ---- and my buddy Mira. I got my first bday pressie from Mira just as we sat down to order. Lookie at me, soo excited:

What's inside? Want to take a peek?

It's three skeins of yummy mohair in the dreamiest of colours! Gorgeous init? Thanks babe! I started dreaming of what to knit the moment I saw the skeins. I'm hoping to knit the Serrano in Knitty by cosmisplutoknits, let's see.

Now to the food. Here's what we had...

This pizza interestingly you can maybe see has pepperoni, smoked chicken AND shrimps. We each got to choose a topping, which explains the clashing ingredients. But it was pretty awesome, I would kill for some right now.

My stomach just gave an audible growl, yikes! But boy does that pizza look good! It was gone in about three minutes after this picture teehee....

The next on the menu was a gorgeous looking lasagna. Its veggie but looked absolutely fantastic. Not that big on taste though, I must say. It tasted way too tomatoey for me and everyone else. But this was my ----'s choice so I just stole a bite =)

But doesn't this pic make you want to have some? Looks oh-so-cheesy but trust me if you are at Pizza Uno, don't go for this unless you love eating tomato paste thats been baked with cilantro. Oh oh, the egg plant somehow looked yellow, but it was quite okay (yes I stole a slice of eggplant too =P)

Next was the Spaghetti Napolitana and the Fettuccini Carbonara. Somehow the Napolitana is too tomatoey (surprise!). BUT it compliments the Carbonara so well, which is a bit bland. Siigggh....I'm HUNGRY! Pictures? Blogger refuses to upload again...

Here's the last one. Fettuccini Bolooosomething something lol.

Looks fabulous, doesn't it? Ah well.

Here's some advice, please order the Iced Chocolate. It's fantastic!

Last but not least, my teensy, but BIG on taste Mud Cake. The reason I look so embarrassed is that there are a LOT of people singing Happy Birthday to me.

That was my day =)

This seems more like a restaurant review than a post. But hey, it's my blog so =P

I got some more awesome yarn from my ---- the next day but didn't have a camera to take pictures of it so that will be left for later.

Thanks to everyone who remembered and wished me well.

Signing off...

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Life goes on

Last week was honestly the longest week I have encountered since I started life in Malaysia 2 years ago. Strange? I KNOW. Usually days go by in a flash and I'm left in a vortex that's spinning madly and I'm thinking, where did the weekend go? Heck, where did the week go?

But boy, last week, days slugged by, amazing that Monday finally came. No premonitions yet on how this week is going to go.

I was hoping this could be a picture post but instead I lost functionality of both my cell phone AND my PC, how rotten is that? I have so much work due this week and I just discovered I may have to spend a fortune on repairing my lifelines. I'm am so lost without my PC, can't get any work done...nothing. But repairing must be done asap, that would mean I'll have to delay treating my buddies for my birthday, which totally sucks. But let's see, God has a funny way of working his magic.

Ah my shrug is coming along just swell. I just realised that, the bonehead that I am, I should have started practicing the sleeves using dpns in order to get ready to knit socks from some yarn that I ordered from Knitpicks! But NO, now I have to seam and I have not done a matress stitch EVER and I can't seam to save my life.
Help please....

Lelah is still in her corner with another pair of circular needles for company. "Soon soon..." I tell her, everytime she looks at me.

OH yes, the Funky scarf swap, as you can see, my percentage bar shows a zero, thats not because I am a bad swappie, but because the yarn I have ordered, has not arrived yet (yes, from Knitpicks).

The Drop Stitch Scarf is swimming in the frog pond along with another over-zealously cast on belt that is too hideous in colour to even mention! Actually it was quite nice but I realised I would never wear it, so what is the point, my fellow bloggeroos?

To another long week....and hopefully this time I'll stop and smell the flowers...
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Swatches and things

I’ve been swatching on the mohair that I received a few weeks ago and it’s so soft, that I just want to cuddle it. A 6.6mm needle gave me a gauge of 12 to 13 stitches and 20 rows (4”). Almost like bulky weight! I redid the swatch in 5.7mm needles and now am satisfied. Thought of casting on for a shrug with it and hopefully I will have enough yardage to go around. Well actually I already did cast on for the shrug but it turns out the pattern’s dimension are way too big for my taste. A few alterations should do the trick…*fingers crossed*.

Going through my wardrobe I recently unearthed a simple white cami that I have owned for many years and realised that though I have grown very much in horrible proportions in all the wrong areas (waist, people, waist….what were you thinking?!), it still is quite flattering. I’m hoping to sit down one day and reproduce the pattern on it in crochet. But you know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Oh yes, dearest Lelah will finally get some attention now, I bought a pair of circulars especially for her today. But then again, considering my size, I think I would need another larger needle size to get an even bigger flair to hide the flab or be shot down by the Knitting Police for tainting the name of knitting teehee…

Have a look at this sweet vest at My Knitting World, its simply so blissfull and sweet. Hm....I'm inspired...

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Birthday Month

It's super September, the Birthday Month (yes, including mine). I think I know over 20 people with birthdays this month. Isn’t that just fab?

I’ve been spoilt rotten by my closest friends (love you guys to bits) on my birthdays so far since I’ve moved to Malaysia and well I think it’s time to return the favour init? Well of course I’m going to treat myself too, with knitting accessories, yarn etc. etc. of course, what else is better to receive as birthday presents than that?! Tee hee.

It’s been raining constantly here and I think that it’s just great. Such beautiful weather…knitting…hot chocolate…good company…good movies….what else can I ask for?

Oh speaking of rainy days, here’s an FO I finished on a rainy day. A quick half an hour knit using just half a ball each of navy blue and black acrylic. It’s so quick. I think I managed to wear it the same day I knitted it!

A belt, a skinny scarf, a head band....whatever you can imagine it to be!

Oh yes, Secret Pal 9 sign ups are open. Sign up, sign up wherever you are.

Enjoy September everyone! It's the best month of the year!