Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Birthday Month

It's super September, the Birthday Month (yes, including mine). I think I know over 20 people with birthdays this month. Isn’t that just fab?

I’ve been spoilt rotten by my closest friends (love you guys to bits) on my birthdays so far since I’ve moved to Malaysia and well I think it’s time to return the favour init? Well of course I’m going to treat myself too, with knitting accessories, yarn etc. etc. of course, what else is better to receive as birthday presents than that?! Tee hee.

It’s been raining constantly here and I think that it’s just great. Such beautiful weather…knitting…hot chocolate…good company…good movies….what else can I ask for?

Oh speaking of rainy days, here’s an FO I finished on a rainy day. A quick half an hour knit using just half a ball each of navy blue and black acrylic. It’s so quick. I think I managed to wear it the same day I knitted it!

A belt, a skinny scarf, a head band....whatever you can imagine it to be!

Oh yes, Secret Pal 9 sign ups are open. Sign up, sign up wherever you are.

Enjoy September everyone! It's the best month of the year!

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