Monday, September 18, 2006

Life goes on

Last week was honestly the longest week I have encountered since I started life in Malaysia 2 years ago. Strange? I KNOW. Usually days go by in a flash and I'm left in a vortex that's spinning madly and I'm thinking, where did the weekend go? Heck, where did the week go?

But boy, last week, days slugged by, amazing that Monday finally came. No premonitions yet on how this week is going to go.

I was hoping this could be a picture post but instead I lost functionality of both my cell phone AND my PC, how rotten is that? I have so much work due this week and I just discovered I may have to spend a fortune on repairing my lifelines. I'm am so lost without my PC, can't get any work done...nothing. But repairing must be done asap, that would mean I'll have to delay treating my buddies for my birthday, which totally sucks. But let's see, God has a funny way of working his magic.

Ah my shrug is coming along just swell. I just realised that, the bonehead that I am, I should have started practicing the sleeves using dpns in order to get ready to knit socks from some yarn that I ordered from Knitpicks! But NO, now I have to seam and I have not done a matress stitch EVER and I can't seam to save my life.
Help please....

Lelah is still in her corner with another pair of circular needles for company. "Soon soon..." I tell her, everytime she looks at me.

OH yes, the Funky scarf swap, as you can see, my percentage bar shows a zero, thats not because I am a bad swappie, but because the yarn I have ordered, has not arrived yet (yes, from Knitpicks).

The Drop Stitch Scarf is swimming in the frog pond along with another over-zealously cast on belt that is too hideous in colour to even mention! Actually it was quite nice but I realised I would never wear it, so what is the point, my fellow bloggeroos?

To another long week....and hopefully this time I'll stop and smell the flowers...
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ruth said...

hi rain! i hear you on all those WIPs. i've been having trouble keeping up too. perhaps my WIPs are so neglected because i keep casting on for new projects, not finishing the others first. =P

oh, one more thing. i sent the sock package in the mail a couple days ago. you should probably receive it in a week or so. let me know when you get it! =)

alltangledup said...

mattress stitch is like lacing shoes, you put the 2 pieces of knitting together with the right side up and thread the yarn through loosely and then tighten up as you go along.Here's a good tutorial

and happy birthday.

R a i n said...

Thanks Ruth, am waiting for the post everyday with bated breath.

Thanks for the link Polly and the wishes...really appreciate it =)