Saturday, September 09, 2006

Swatches and things

I’ve been swatching on the mohair that I received a few weeks ago and it’s so soft, that I just want to cuddle it. A 6.6mm needle gave me a gauge of 12 to 13 stitches and 20 rows (4”). Almost like bulky weight! I redid the swatch in 5.7mm needles and now am satisfied. Thought of casting on for a shrug with it and hopefully I will have enough yardage to go around. Well actually I already did cast on for the shrug but it turns out the pattern’s dimension are way too big for my taste. A few alterations should do the trick…*fingers crossed*.

Going through my wardrobe I recently unearthed a simple white cami that I have owned for many years and realised that though I have grown very much in horrible proportions in all the wrong areas (waist, people, waist….what were you thinking?!), it still is quite flattering. I’m hoping to sit down one day and reproduce the pattern on it in crochet. But you know that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Oh yes, dearest Lelah will finally get some attention now, I bought a pair of circulars especially for her today. But then again, considering my size, I think I would need another larger needle size to get an even bigger flair to hide the flab or be shot down by the Knitting Police for tainting the name of knitting teehee…

Have a look at this sweet vest at My Knitting World, its simply so blissfull and sweet. Hm....I'm inspired...

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Jennifer said...

Mohair is so lovely. What color is your shrug going to be?