Saturday, July 25, 2009


Oooh I've been a naughty blogger. I shall try to make up for it.

Well, most of you know that I left for a summer vacation to the motherland, Sri Lanka. It's been 8 years and seriously, nothing has changed. Except for the humidity. I could literally feel my hair frizz up as I stepped off the plane. Van de Graff's got competition.

Now that the war is over, things perhaps do look to be a bit more peaceful and people seem to be happier; free of the tendrils of fear that clasped the nation for decades.

Knitting-wise, nothing much has been done. I've got a Razor Cami in the works and a promise to fulfill blocking the Whisper Cardi that's been enthusiastically sniffed at by all the pets :D

Left to Right: Tina and Yoda (do you see the resemblance to green Yoda?)

There are two dogs, three ducks and an occasional snake in addition to the brood.

My cousin has been teaching me a new sort of embroidery and it's rather lovely. A preview:


I ought to begin knitting again. I shall. In fact I have a blocking appointment tonight :)
I've been hunting for yarn shops around here but to no avail. I've only seen icky acrylic. A big disappointment indeed.

That's about all for now. Updates will be regular henceforth, hopefully with good info stemming from the exploration phase that takes over anyone who travels.

Happy knitting everyone!