Wednesday, August 30, 2006

B-l-oggart Attack

A b-l-oggart attack, yes that is precisely what I suffered from, last night. I was messing around with my template, modifying, adding, amending etc. etc. when suddenly Blogger died without saving any of my changes. Panic time? No, I am pretty patient, I can do this again. Login again, open template, wait till it all loads….wait till it all loads…wait till it all loads. Nope, just the main page without any of the side links. Panic? No no, I can handle this. Login again, open template, wait till it loads (X 20). Panic? Maybe a little. Lets view my blog in a new window shall we? Okay. Load. Zilch. Nada. Just “Knit Addict” and a BLANK blog. Panic? It’s about time.

All hell broke lose; I was fuming, miserable and a complete raving idiot all at the same time (it took 15 minutes of rant and rave, 15 minutes of ‘calm down talk’, 20 minutes of emailing Blogger Help to “get my blog back pleeeease oh puuuhhleeeease” to come back to sanity). Not bad eh? Somehow after messing around more, and seeing my posts were all over the place to understand that somehow I could not let my poor blog die. So out came the thinking cap and 60 minutes later, Knit Addict was up and running again (no it wasn’t easy and yes I do deserve all that chocolate I had afters “…to calm me down”).

Well all’s well that ends well. Let’s just leave it at that shall we?

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