Thursday, August 24, 2006

Socks and Scarves

Lately I have been having a craving to learn to knit socks. Seeing all the pretty pretty socks proudly displayed by knitters all over the blogging world (and because I found a hole in my fave pair of socks after being worn so much) the itch to knit socks has been so overwhelming. But I cant seem to find any sock yarn anywhere at my LYS and I can't order online :( so I'm at a loss at what to do. I would love some deep purple sock yarn to knit a pretty pair for myself, wouldn't that be such a treat?!

But first I must find my way around dpns, I've never used them before but am raring to learn. I think I've got two dpns of No. 6 (japanese sizes, so I don't know what it really is) and the other two are with a friend of mine, we split the set for some crazy reason that I fail to recall.

I'm currently at a loss at projects to start, which is a rather tragic period I must admit. I do have to get on with my funky scarf, but somehow feel that I need a plan before I blindly start off. The yarn that I have bought (yes pic in next post for SURE, but remember its purple not blue like the pic depicts) I somehow feel is just not right, well this is probably because I'm at a loss at what kind of pattern to start with. Let me describe the yarn a bit, its chunky weight, made of the lightest, soft fluffy fiber. I'm not sure what it is composed off (there was no label and it was one of the few skeins left, and I just loved the colour) but its so soft so I just had to get it. Well anyways, its the loveliest purple with a strand of shiny, glitzy purple thread spun along. So when knitted up, its soft and has purple glittery threads sticking out giving it a funky look =) Now I have to decide how to use it which is what is eating my brain cells at the moment.

All funky patterns will be highly appreciated along with tips for knitting socks.

I feel quite behind in my scarf knitting, have you seen Studio_T's scarf? It's so amazing, check it out
here. Everyone else seems to be spinning and dyeing their yarn. I'm just knitting, that sucks don't it? I need a windfall to start all that up.

Its Thursday already. Where did the week go? I need to get cracking on so many things, why isn't there enough time? I need 48 hours in a day, I really do! Don't you?

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Ruth said...

that's how i started with socks too. the curiousity to learn how to knit them, and how everyone around me is always RAVING about how wonderful it is to knit socks. plus, all the sock yarn that i see around me just look so yummy, all the beautiful colorways, how can you not resist!! =P

let me know what sock yarn you are interested in, and i'll see if we have any here. =)