Sunday, August 06, 2006

To a new beginning....

Hi everyone.....this is my very first blog, and very first blog post too!! This has been an idea that had been playing on my mind ever since I started reading other knitter's blogs with eyes bulging at the gorgeous stuff they knit at...oh boy....really AMAZING speed!! Siiiigghhh....I'm still building up my speed since time as you will soon an issue.

Okay a little background now. I started officially knitting this January after a very LOOOONG break of more than ten years. Hmm....oh and dad were the ones who taught me how to cast on my first stitch and so forth....gosh Dad still remembers how to knit and he was the one who gave me the push and a major recap when I went down to see them on holiday this Jan.

What else....? Oh yes....
  • I'm in university so knitting is my portal to sanity (along with another obsession of watching recaps of FRIENDS and cooking).
  • I have four hamsters =) who are absolute darlings: Ed and Meta (dad and mom of the family and I'm watching them for a friend honestly), Binky and Dinky (those are the kiddos who are miiiiiiiiiiiiine!!)
  • My yarn stash is tiny...sad to say.....(yarn cost's a hell of a lot where I live and so my meagre budget is not able to cover my wild yarn dreams).
  • Currently I have 4 FOs and only ONE WIP (yes THAT would give you an idea of how tiny my yarn stash is.....)
  • I love coffee and dark chocolate.
  • Purple is my favourite color! Pink comes next in line =)
  • I am currently also making a Salmon Quiche (the dough is in the fridge, I've just got to run down and get some salmon from the store).

That's all for now.....the hint of a new beginning....


Doreen said...

Welcome to the knitting and blogging world. Hope to see some of your FOs soon.

R a i n said...

Thanks Doreen. Glad to know that someone read my first blog =)

Will try to put up some FOs pics asap.

R a i n

Sally said...

Welcome to Blogland! Lelah is looking good.