Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flakes and The Mess

It was Day 3 yesterday in the blogging was a hazy tuesday and it was all hell in the real world. So lets not go there. Anyways....I'm super excited to have finally joined my first swap!!! As you can see by the button on the right....siiigh....can't wait to know who my secret pal is going to be =)

Oh boy what a day yesterday was (have to vent about the real world).....had to smile and hold it though all I really wanted to was scream and yell. Some "people" can be SUCH flakes, as I have been noticing these few's irritating....unbelievably irritating.

I need a Crazy Witch meter! Anyone willing to design one for me? Its my newest invention for the blog world....
Here's how it works...or how it will work.....
There is going to be a little Icon of a witch and everyday if she/he (the person(s) that are in my witch meter) does something bad....I get to put a black spot next to the witch, if she/he does a good thing, I put a green/gold/purple spot.....
Like the idea? It's a mild way to release stress online isn't it? I shall look around for someone to get this done for me....seriously......and if anyone here knows how....oh PLEASE contact me!!!

Anyways that's that. Now well back to my day yesterday....horrible I tell you....oh wait......someone did brighten it up for me though....yeah...she knows who she is.... =) made me smiiiiiiiile. Actually three people managed to make my day....yay!! I guess there's 3 wonderful people to 1,000,000 flakes. Wow...that's a scary thought!!

Hmmm....I can't wait to get home and get to my knitting, I've got just one WIP at the's pretty scary right now....because I'm not quite sure it'll even fit. It's my first time with circulars you see so that's why. It's the Lelah Top. Had my eye on it for a really really long time and finally got a pair of circulars to start off with. Last night, I managed to do my first short rows and boy was I fascinated with them....I proceeded to explain how to make short rows to anyone who would care enough to listen and the polite response I got was "Hmmmm......really?" in a tone of dreamy wonderment.

BUT I do have lots of work to do, boy what a mess. Speaking of messes, I have the mother of all messes in my room! It's a horror that is unimaginable but SO real. Need to get down to my working boots and attack it before it spreads and takes over my knitting!!

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