Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ahoy there!

During one of my daily traipses through the internet I came across something I thought I might share.

Do you own a boat? I certainly don't, I haven't seen a bed of water in three years - if you don't count the reservoir that recycles mucky water that is nearby.

Well anyways, if you do own a boat, did you know that you can actually insure it? From small dinghy boats to cruisers to luxury yachts marine insurance is apparently quite common. I seriously didn't know that. You can get a quote online for your boat's insurance costs. You can even insure a canoe too! Splendid isn't it? More reason to pick up fun hobbies.

Fresh air, salty breezes, vast expanses of blue and pure bliss, yep all that comes with a boat. So if any of you lucky peeps out there have a boat, why don’t you get it insured? From the looks of it, the process seems easy and painless! Oh and invite me for a day of fun in the sun please.

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