Thursday, September 06, 2007


November's a-coming and it's going to be awesome! Why you ask? Summer hols. Three and half months of nothing-ness. Hallelujah! No reports, no assigments, no essays, no waking up early, no studying. Y'all feeling what I'm feeling?!

Boy I can't wait. To go home. To travel. To knit. To be with my family again. Hopefully this time instead of sitting at home, we'll go places. After my recent trip to Singapore, the travelling bug bit me rather hard and I've been itching to go places. Ever since I've been a kid, my parents who LOVE travelling took us kids places. Well being a kid, we usually never do appreciate this - except for springy hotel beds that are just so dang fun to jump on. Oh yes and hotel breakfast buffets. Bring IT!

My mom's been on my case about booking tickets Yeh. She's afraid I might not be able to get a flight out. And she's a worrier (that's where I get it from). So basically I have to book a ticket in the next two weeks or get an earful. Bet she'd send me a Howler if she could.

For the first time, I went online to book my ticket and guess what, online deals won't necessary suck you dry and leave you parched. Hotel Reservations is a very interesting site that helps you find the best deals online. It's even great if you are touristy and are looking for hotels, ways to get around and of course....looking for the best deals!

Seriously, the prices for air tickets at Hotel Reservations were extremely competitive and almost exactly the same as you would get if you took time out of your a ride to an airline office that in my case is extremely FAR away.......wait in line till your hair turns seethingly as people cut queues....and finally buy the ticket.

The hotel search is pretty thorough and lists everything out very accessibly. You can search for hotels, motels, resorts and even specify around which landmark you would like to stay!

I definitely believe that this site has made things for all travelers so much simpler by getting everything from airfares to travelling to accommodation with the lowest rates all together in one place. So next time you want to take a break and are looking for places to go without burning a hole in your pocket,
Hotel Reservations is where you must visit to start your planning!

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