Thursday, September 13, 2007

Knitting + Contest + News

Knitting is back on the books. I've got my knitting mojo up and running and I can't seem to stop knitting my hoodie. The front and back have been completed but oh horror of horrors the two pieces of the front......DO NOT ALIGN! I would show you a picture but I do not have a cam and I think y'all might have to grit your teeth and bare a few pictureless posts purty please.

I know that after a while, the knitting does stretch out and I'm hoping that will happen to the latest piece I cast off. Or must I frog it? The stitches are equal on both sides. Really. I'm so sad. Help. Anyone. Please.

A super contest is up at Beckyknitstoo and I'm sure all of you would like a shot at the goodness she's giving away. A link on your blog earns you an extra entry. G'Luck!

In other news, another earthquake just hit Sumatra, Indonesia again. This is so bad. That country has been afflicted so severely by so many misfortunes that it makes my heart ache to see the poor people running for their lives trying their best to salvage what they have. Prayer is what I can give to this nation and I hope y'all would do the same too.


opportunityknits said...

Maybe blocking will help?

Annie said...

Agreed with erin, block first, if still not align after blocking, for me, i'll frog it and re-do!

Jennifer said...

The fronts don't align! AH!!! I agree with everyone else. Block, block, block.

Zarzuela said...

I would vote for blocking also. Depending on how far apart you knit them time wise, your gauge might have changed a bit.