Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Most of you have been blogging for years now and well I know it has been a very emotionally and socially rewarding experience. But now the craze for blog advertising has caught the blogsphere and it seems very lucrative and can pan out to be an additional financially rewarding experience.

One of these services is Smorty. Smorty allows you to
advertise on blogs and in return you get paid for your efforts. You get to post your opinions with links to advertisers' sites and Smorty reviews your posts and pays you. Reviews are done amazingly quick compared to other competitors and you get paid weekly too, through Paypal.

You get to select the subjects that catch your attention and blog about them and yes... you do get paid. Also you have the option to post on multiple blogs and earn more! Who wouldn't say no to that?!

Head on over to Smorty and start blogging for money!

~This is a sponsored post~

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Hey, I've tagged you for 8 things about me. Come take a look. :)