Thursday, August 30, 2007

Worldwide Wednesdays from PPP!

I know that most of you may already know about the very supremely cool PPP - Pay Per
If not, here’s a refresher: it’s a fantastic organization that gives bloggers around the world a chance to post about products, articles or topics in their blogs and get paid for it! Honestly, it’s as simple as it sounds.

Though this organization is based in the United States, I noticed, it has a very large following / fan base all around the world. Their advertisers are mainly from the United States and sometimes the companies target the population of U.S. bloggers. International Posties (that’s the cool name for us bloggers outside of the U.S.) are usually not entitled to these Opportunites (Opps).

Ever since I joined, I’ve had the most fantastic time looking out for Opps and posting about them in here. And sometimes I see awesome Opps for U.S. bloggers and I think…. “sigh….” Heh.

No more sighing for me bebeh! PayPerPost has now introduced Worldwide Wednesdays that run on Wednesdays at noon EDT to Thursday noon EDT and are available ESPECIALLY for us International Posties!!! How awesome is that?!!

YEP it’s true, between the times mentioned above, special Opps under Worldwide Wednesdays are expressly available to bloggers outside of the U.S.!! That’s me ME!!! Wooooot!

Oh trust me; you’d want to get your hands on these Worldwide Wednesday Opps: two US$50 Opps and one US$150 Opp!!! Bring it ON!

Thank you PayPerPost for thinking of us international posties and making this possible for us! Worldwide Wednesdays are simply awesome and I can’t tell you how excited I am waiting for the Wednesdays to roll in =)

Who’d have known Wednesdays could be such fun eh? Got to freshen up and get ready to grab those awesome Opps hot off the oven!

Thanks PayPerPost for being so considerate because Worldwide Wednesdays just made my day!

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Lily said...

OMG you got the biggie ops. I am so jealous! How often you refreshed?