Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pay Per Post

It hasn't yet been a year since I started blogging but all in all it has been a wonderful ride. Honestly, I never thought I'd be the type to blog (I had an internet phobia when I was young) BUT when you start knitting and surfing the net, it's inevitable that you would stumble across some gorgeous blogs with yarn that'd make you drool all over your screen. Heh.

THEREFORE Rain's Knit-Bits began and boy was I glad I started off. With just a blog, a whole new world opened up. I made tons of wonderful friends like you guys and got a chance to showcase my knitting. How awesome is that?

Well now there seems to be much more tweaks jazzing around the internet. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that cool things are happening bay-bay! The most coolest thing that has got my attention right now is Pay Per Post or more simply known as PPP. It's a site that lets you do what you love (blog) and then get paid for your efforts too!

I was introduced to this wonderful site by Kitman and on signing up I realised what a lucrative idea this was. Advertisers post up opporunities for us Posties to blog about and on approval, you get paid! Sounds simple? Well, it IS. Not only that, you also get to interact with other Posties who are in the community and learn a thing or two about it all.

Why don't you see for yourself what you could get out of signing up with this amazing site that not only motivates your blogging but also rewards you for it?! Start planning what you can do with what you earn! Yarn...look I come!

Hope you to see y'all at PPP!


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