Saturday, August 18, 2007

On God's Business

As a Christian, many of us hear the words missionary quite often. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this involves the propagation of religion worldwide.

At my church here in Malaysia, which is rather small, I keep seeing groups of dedicated people traveling to the poorest, most remote areas in the world to spread the love of Christ and the word of God. It's so heartwarming to see the difference that they can make to so many people.

Now another thing I've wondered about it is how these missionaries travel the world. I learnt that it's not so easy and they have to work hard to stretch their budgets. I'm sure that those of you who know of missionary groups would be interested to know that there is a travel agency that actually caters to missionaries as well!! Golden Rule Travel strives to provide missionary flights with the best rates and the praise by their faithful clients are a true testament to their service.

Day or night, if any missionaries are looking for a flight out, their 24/7 phone service is available for missionary flights airfares with personalised service from the dedicated founders and staff who themselves are former missionaries. Their special deals and agreements with airlines make it easier for missionaries to get the best deals in airfare.

So if any of you do know of missionaries in need for the lowest fares to travel, Golden Rule Travel might just be the travel agency they've always wanted for the best missionary flights. Spread the word, it'll be your good deed for the day!


Nora said...

They sound like good people. :)

ruth said...

what a terrific sounding organization! i have a handful of friends who do work overseas long-term, and rely on donations handled/coordinated through their various missions organizations. it's not a glamorous occupation/lifestyle by any means, but we personally do our best to support these individuals financially and prayerfully. =)

and speaking of missions, i just flew back yesterday! a bit jetlagged, but full of stories and blessings. hope you are doing well! =)