Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Holiday Shopping anyone?

Hello everyone. I've moved =D I think it'll take just a while for life to slow down and for the dust (literally) to settle.

Half the year has zoomed by and the holiday season is creeping up upon us. End of the year always rocks, what with all the spiffy holidays coming up! Being away from my family for so long, I've come to know that the internet is simply indispensable when it comes to keeping in touch. And now, not only that, I've ventured into online purchasing, thanks to my fiber related hobbies! Sending gifts and buying gifts (even if just for myself) has never been easier!

I've been rather obsessed with buying books off Amazon since I was amazed with their efficient service and quality of products offered. I was more than happy to find out that were having fantastic Amazon coupons that would offer even more value to my purchases!

Now with the substantial amount of coupons being offered, I think I can start thinking of gifts for Christmas for my Mom (who is super picky) to even my new cat, Kitty! I think Mom would probably wind up with something from's deals. And I believe I have found the perfect coupon for my talented brother. Guitar Trader's coupons are too good to be true and I'm pretty sure he'd owe me for the rest of his life since I'm so thoughtful hehehhee.

Hmm usually as most of us gals do know, guys are the hardest to shop for (my bro's easy going) and I'm quite bored gifting Dad with the usual perfume, tie, perfume, tie, shirt, perfume...and the cycle continues. Heh. Dad's a clean freak and Dirt Devil has the perfect gift for him, a nasty dust busting vacuum cleaner that looks like it may as well be a weapon!

Last but not the least, pets!! Duncraft a reputed pet store has a rather enticing offer that just might cause my pets to be spoilt rotten just in time for Christmas.

Funky gifts + handmade knitting gifts too = the perfect way to bring out the merry holiday spirit in any family!

Trust me, there are a lot of coupons out there that would catch your attention! Check them out, you won't regret it.

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