Monday, August 20, 2007

Singapore Loot

It's long overdue and I only just managed to get some good pictures. Here is what I brought back from my awesome trip to Singapore.

SG yarn

This is the collective loot.

The grey yarn and the orange on top of the pyramid was a lovely surprise from the fabulous Regg. Thanks gal! I love it.

It has an unmistakable sheen and is so soft. I was at a loss at what to say when I received it.

Sigh...thank God for wonderful friends!

Moda Vera - Merino Acrylic, I love the colour of this yarn and it seems soft enough. Well that should be expected from merino and acrylic I guess.

The colour pretty frickin' awesome. A lovely shade of magenta.

Destined to be a top? Tube? Cami? My crystal ball wasn't too clear on that.

I've never heard of this brand but since it was 100% mercerized cotton, I snapped it up.

Okay I lie, I think I thought about this for at least one and a half hour before impulsively buying just before we left the store.

I'm quite awful when it comes to deciding what to buy. But then if I don't get it and my gut says I should and didn't: I can't sleep at night. It's true. I swear. Then I'd fret till I finally get it.
I'm neurotic like that.

This is 100% acrylic that was within my little budget. There were six balls originally.

But one has become this:

It's the back of a hoodie that I'm knitting.

Notice the rope cables? Thats from Knitty's Mariah. The rest is my own pattern. I HOPE IT'LL TURN OUT NICE.

Sorry...just had to break the jinx that I might have brought upon it by blogging about it so early.

One of the balls is currently doing this:

'Kay the ball ain't doing that. I am.

Last but not the least, the gorgeous Peony which has become this:

Back of a cropped jacket using a lace chart from Kitman and the rest of it is my own pattern.

*dances around the room twice on one leg* - jinx-breaking ritual from the tribes of Knittingville.

OMG I love this yarn. Soft. Shiny. Soft. Shiny. Yeh, I could go on. It's frickin' wonderful to knit with. Who wudda thunk acrylic cud be so love-ley eh?

That's all for now. Back to pretending to study =D

Cheers Chicas


Sally said...

Am knitting a stockinette top down and wondering how cabled ribbing will look knitted 'up side down'..hmm I can imagine from your pics...thanks

Nora said...

Heh, I know all about 'pretending to study'!

Beautiful knitting - I love the rib on that soon-to-be hoodie. :)

Mira said...

Ahhh the journey towards building a stash!

Finish the hoodie soon!! Can't wait to see how it turns out and then you can knit ME one =) =) I still can't seem to finish one sweater!

Courtney said...

I LOVE the cropped jacket so far! And hey, thanks for the comment on my DPN protector.

Lis said...

I bought a ton of that 8ply acrylic yarn ($0.99!) for practising when I first started learning knitting and crocheting. I must say your hoodie looks fantastic. I don't really know anyone else who uses that yarn! I don't think anyone uses it on Ravelry...

I've been tempted to buy the Cara yarn too since it's cotton. Is it machine washable? Do you like it?

Nora said...

Hi babe
I've somehow deleted your email re linking ti Flickr. Can you please re-send?? x

Regg said...

I can start imagine u stash coming up soon! hahah welcome to the stash world*heehee*
Back to the topic, ur hoodie and the proj u r knitting on peony look super!
Keep it up n look forward to see the FOz!!!and dont forget ur studies too ya..

Sam said...

Beautiful knitting!
I love visiting your blog. That purple yarn is gorgeous!