Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wonderful Surprises

This is an exciting post. A few days ago, a package that I had been desperately waiting for turned up in the form of a collection letter at my door. There was a big hoo-haa to go collect the package but I'll skip those details.

The highly awaited package was from Ruth who is simply AWESOME. Thanks so much Ruth, ~HUGS~. I love absolutely everything you've sent to me.
I just can't wait to get started on my socks now that, thanks to Ruth, I'm completely armed with everything I could possibly need.

Anyways, I'll shut up now and you can see for yourself why I'm so ecstatic.

Mr. Box, who brought all my goodies to me, safe and sound =)

The Book Family who are raring to teach me the art of sock knitting and help me keep track of everything

The one on the left is shaped like a sock. It's got loads of fun patterns that I'm just dying to try out. The pamphlet is full of techniques and lastly the Journal...oh I LOVE it! It's too precious to even touch, I can't bring myself to write in it, I just want to put it in its own pedestal and just..well...admire it =)

Three amazing shades, all waiting to be knitted up.

This is a closeup of the Regia in maroonish brown. Perfect for guy's socks!

Claudia Handpainted in Sea Dreams – isn’t she so pretty?

Claudia Handpainted in Deep Blue – this is amazing, if there is an Ocean in Heaven, these are the colours the water would take. I just love the colorway, it’s all my fave shades of blue rolled into one! Ruth, how did you know?

I completely flipped out when I saw the Claudia's Handpainted skeins. Who would have thought that I, ME, would EVER get a skein that gorgeous yarn. The best I could do before this was drool at the gorgeous colorways floating around on the internet. look...I actually have not one, but THREE skeins!

The whole loot that made my day =)

I wasn't able to take closeups of the needles but you can see two sets of dpns there in the EXACT sizes I was looking for! Thanks a bunch Ruth. Now I can attempt those gorgeous footies she's knitted. Won't be nowhere near as nice as hers though! I'm a newbie.

I also received a skein of Noro from Carine who visited Malaysia and most of us knitters here got the chance to meet up with her. Thanks Carine! This is my first skein of Noro.

Hmm...Noro oh Noro, you shall remain as Noro. What should I do with you eh?

Sigh...I'm giddy with happiness =) thanks to the wonderful friends I have made through this oh-so-addictive hobby and the internet of course. Thanks so much you guys!

Well I think that is all for this super happy post. Enjoy the week everybody! Lots of good vibes for everyone from me.

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fairy godmother said...

what a treat!
Nice to hear you like surprizes:-)

R a i n said...

Thanks, aren't friends just wonderful?!

Surprises are simply the best. Especially when you have no clue what's coming and it turns out to be better than you could even imagine...I'm pretty hard to surprise as well(!!)

Mira said...

Haha yeah true enough it's TOUGH to surprise you! Glad this time you've been surprised with gorgeous yarns!

Enjoy the loot! =)

Jennifer said...

What a fantastic package!

Sally said...

I'm now a similar shade of green to the tissue in your pics! Lovely package and I'd put that blue yarn down and get on with them socks ...:)

Kessa said...

Parcels makes me happy too. Especially parcels high in fibre. Expecting sock from you soon, I guess? Btw, those Claudia Handpainted yarn are gorgeous! Especially the deep blue.

R a i n said...

Thanks Kessa, I love the Deep Blue too!

I've signed up for Socktoberfest to hopefully get a jump-start on my sock knitting...let's see.

ruth said...

I had forgotten what colorways I had gotten for you. Now looking at it, man, I should get that deep blue for myself now. =D

Lolly said...

What a fantabulous package! and so well-timed for Socktoberfest!!

Carine said...

You're very welcome my dear, so glad we got a chance to meet up to knit and chat