Sunday, October 15, 2006

Title Change

As y'all can see, the name of my blog has been officially changed to 'Rain's Knit-Bits'. This is after a lot contemplation as to whether 'Knit Addict' made any sense grammatically and I figured: IT DOESN'T.

What was I thinking? Probably wasn't thinking. But then I figured, who cares, I probably was the only one with a title like this, only to find out that there is another Knit Addict in the blogging world who started waaahaaaay before I did.

That made up my mind, I got to change!

So if anyone has linked to my page as Knit Addict, sorry for the trouble, but do change it. Thanks =)

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knitting godmother said...

I found you again...have no fear...your knitting godmother is here :-) Been interesting reading so far.

R a i n said...

Oooo this is FUN.Howdy godmother?!

Glad to know you're watching over me =)

mona said...

Hey Rain
finally made it over to your blog so I'm just dropping a note to say HI! You're in my bloglines now so i won't miss a post again.

Sally said...

I like the new title and let's have a peek at the socks?

opportunityknits said...

Hi Rain, thanks for visiting my blog, look forward to seeing more of your knits