Friday, October 26, 2007

I am blessed

It's been over a month but it's never too late to show birthday goodies now is it? In random order.

My very first affair with tweed.

I think Sally
read my mind because the little flecks of colour caught my eye just the day before while admiring someone knitting with some gorgeous tweed.

Lo and behold, I have my very own tweed.

Thank you Sally! I think a scarf is in order with this yarn but I am hunting for the perfect pattern for it. I've been knitting and scrapping so many swatches in search for perfection.

Then I was pleasantly surprised with a gift that made it all the way from Singapore. Thank you Regg, it was so thoughtful of you. The cotton yarn is just so soft.

Bday gift from Regg

There was more....two hairbands and a cute set of buttons, all being put to good use =)

Then this arrived in the mail. My very first pair of Addis with a gorgeous load of yarn. Thanks Annie

Bday gift from Annie

I've already experimented with Magic Loop using the needles. Loving it so far. The yarn is wonderful too.

And last but not certainly not the least, the wonderful package from my buddy Mira. Gorgeous cotton yarn, stitch-holders, aromatherapy oil and a face mask.

Bday gift from Mira

Thanks babe. I love everything!

Thank you ladies, you made the day extra-special. And of course I want to thank each and everyone of you who remembered and were kind enough to wish me. Y'all turned a frown upside down.

Also, thank you for the kind comments on the demise of my hamsters. It was good to share.

Further grim news, exams are upon me. Hence the scarce blogging. What's even worse, I can't seem sit still enough to knit anything - I should be talking about studying but y'all know what it's like. But let's just not ruin it shall we?

Anyhoo, here's to great friends, good times, blessings and better year! CHEERS!


Mira said...

I'm glad you like the pressie babe =)

All the best and GOOD LUCK for your exams! Maintain sanity at all times okay??

Jennifer said...

Great goodies!

Good exam vibes heading your way.

Laura.Y said...

What wonderful gifts! Happy Belated Birthday! All the best for your exams.

JL said...

Those are very thoughtful gifts for a knitter. Enjoys.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog :0)

Zarzuela said...

So sorry to read about your hamsters. I had one in college and I was also very sad when he died. Great birthday gifts to cheer you up though!


Kessa said...

Ooh. What a lovely birthday stash. ;)Good luck for the exams!