Friday, February 16, 2007


The sky seems bluer, grass seems greener, twittery birds are now cute and no longer annoying....

My summer research is finally over! Hence the euphoria. This last week, the culmination of three months of work crammed into 4 days drained the life out of me! The longest I've slept since Sunday was 3 hours a day.

But now...I'm FREE as a bird. The catch? It only lasts ten days and the cycle of doom begins again.
Ah but still..sweet freedom.

I first celebrated by sleeping 15 hours straight and my dreams were haunted with images of shoot tips, callus and freakish scenarios of "you haven't submitted your thesis need to get up now and GET ON IT!"
I actually did wake up in confusion and proceed to rifle through my books only to realise, Dang...I've submitted everything early this morning, what the hell is wrong with me?! is a pic of my sock on my feet. A better idea of how it look except the sunlight made it look rather faded.

I've tried and tested the sock and worn it a number of times and here's what happened: IT FELTED!!!!

Perhaps the friction of my feet and the shoes....perhaps my luck....perhaps....dunno...

But yes ladies...that's my take on Claudia's felts: DURING USE!

I've got tons of projects that need to be completed ASAP and it's going to be a race against time. But it's going to be fun.

Anyhoo that's all the news from this side...a promise: more interesting and picture-smattered posts next time...I'm still in Laze-About Phase.



To all those who celebrate this vibrantly colourful day....

Happy Knitting too y'all!

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Nora said...

WOOHOOO! Enjoy your freedom (while it lasts)... asnd what do u mean Claudia's handpainted FELTS?!?!

Mira said...

ooo nice pic!! very artistic shot! ;)

enjoy the rest of the freedom before the reports start to haunt you againnn!!!

Kat said...

gutted! I can't believe they felted! They look ace though! Such a shame, especially for those who, like me, find socks take agaes to knit, hence why I am still working on my first pair!

Jennifer said...

Oh, not good news about Claudia's.

Happy Chinese New Year!

ruth said...

yea, any sock yarn that doesn't claim to be "superwash", you have to be careful/delicate with it. =/
Happy chinese new year!! Get any red packets?? =)

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Hey gal~ enjoy your freedom to the fullest!!! =)

kessa said...

I can't wait to claim that first few lines you wrote for this entry. ;) The socks looks great! Does it shrink significantly after it felted? Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year. Enjoy your freedom! =)

Rain said...

Your socks look lovely, I hope they're not too ruined.

There's a third knitting Rain doing the rounds too!