Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back from the Abyss's over. I must say that I did my very best and now have to sit back and see where my efforts have put me.
Thank you all for your wonderful support, it was truly heart-warming to see how much all of you cared and shared my sorrow. I am relieved to tell you all that I am much more light of heart and am not as stressed anymore.
And I know that your prayers played a substantial part in it.

Yesterday was my buddy Mira's bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!
Mira: I hope you have a great year babe. You totally deserve it. Thanks for being an awesome friend.

I have an FO to show. Cast on during times of stress and completed with such joy. I love the colours. They make me feel so vibrantly happy.

Pattern: Bob Marley's Grandma's Footies
Yarn: Just over one skein of Claudia's Handpainted in Deep Blue
Needles: 2.75mm dpns in a set of 5
Size: Ladies size 9-11

Comment: The cuff was replaced with twisted ribbing to give more definition. The yarn was lovely to work with and knits up real smooth. To see another pair worked in this pattern, click here. My inspiration =)

That's all for now. Thanks again for your support. I appreciate it beyond what words can ever express.

Happy Knitting everyone!


Mira said...

Awwww thanks babe!!! *hugs!!*

(Go and see the yarn she gave me ppl! It's on my blog)

Awesome socks! yeah yeah yeah I lost the sock race to you :P you wait and see, the next sock race!

ruth said...

YAY!!! You did it!! Looks lovely!!

Nora said...

Enjoy your little socks. I haven't used Claudia's handpainted but you've inspired me to buy a hank (or 2).

Good luck with your results - I know how you feel. x

Jennifer said...

Very pretty socks!

Sally said...

well done girl! looks neat and the stripes came out nicely.

Lily said...

Hmmmm, wondering how it looks like in your feet :P

Elinor said...

I love the socks! They look wonderful. Way to go! Sock knitting is so therapeutic, isn't it?

R a i n said...

Lily ~ soon a modeled pic will be up!

Elinor ~ Thanks a bunch! It sure is therapeutic ;o)

Sheila said...

Love your socks! Thanks for sharing your pattern. What a great blog!