Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crafty me

I like symmetry.

Knowing that I can put this like of symmetry into my knitting is a very comforting thought. That is why I keep track of every single row that I knit, every stitch that I might tink, every increase, decrease - you get the picture.

This can however lead to rather complicated nonsense scribbled on any bit of paper near me while knitting - grocery lists, envelopes, anything.

Therefore to help me in this quest for keep track of things in style, I fashioned a row counter for myself.

row counter

When I first saw these on blogs, I could never figure out how and why would anyone want a contraption like this tangled in their knitting.
But after knitting rows and rows of stockinette, the symmetry lover in me realised that this is the easiest way to remember how many rows I'd knitted without having to stop after each row and mark it.

Each jump ring represents a row, a repeat or whatever you'd like it to be.

Here it is in use with the sleeve of my Whisper cardigan.


Yeah I sorta got lazy as I reached the top and put in an old wire that I had twisted for practice before heh.

But I like how it came out. It also helps to keep my purple obsession in check without having to knit everything in purple.

Would you use one of these in your knitting?


joesanchez said...


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Copyright 2009 By Joseph Anthony Sanchez

Michelle said...

ooh...what yarn are you using for the whisper cardigan?? it looks really light and fluffy :)

Preeti said...

That butterfly is so pretty on the row counter and this is such a lovely way to keep rows counted, waaaay cooler than my plastic row counter fer-shoor!!

That papaya whispery sleeve is just so soft!!! Lovin' it:)

urban craft said...

very neat, I did it. I love jewelry and fabric combos!

Kyoko said...

Excellent stuff Rain! :D
I use stitch markers all the time. It is so useful when I knit gloves and shawls. Your stitch markers are so lovely. You are very good to make such a lovely item. ;) What are you knitting?

alt.ayu said...

yes! i love these markers and have a similar one myself... I also wondered why I would want something like that but hey, I like bling and dangly stuff :P

Mang's doing fine! Thanks!! You can read more on my daily blog (if i ever update it daily that is :P)