Thursday, April 02, 2009

Zero WIPs? Possible or Impossible?

I'm on a mission. A mission to get my cobwebbed WIP count to zero.

Twiggy Tweed - 70% done
Cropped Jacket - 35% done (heading for the frog pile)
Bayerische Sock - 75% done
Purple Halter - 95% done

Attempt one:
Purple Halter mosaic
**Clockwise from top: 1. Trying it on (photo courtesy Rambling Roses) 2. Blocking 3. Blocking 4. Sewing the back casing to hold a strip of elastic [more pics here]

I thought the front was perhaps a repeat or two short.
But the incredible group of knitters that I've luckily met in Dubai voted that it was a-ok : Thank you girls!

Yes. There are other people who knit in the UAE.
Thanks to Ravelry, I tracked them down and they're a delightful group of fun gals from all over the world, who like nothing more than to get their knit on!
We've got a Sock KAL in the works with
Lorna's Laces One Hank Socks.

Some of the gorgeous knits at the KO:

Knit out

**1. Jhocy's Clapotis - modelled by Jackie 2. Jhocy's Leyburns

Jhocy, Jackie, Jennifer, Caroline, Preeti, Hala, Debbie, Gilly it was a pleasure meeting y'all and I can't wait for the next meet up!

Okay I did get distracted from the big WIP mission:


These are FOs, so they don't count right? So yeah other than that, go ME! =D

We've had such lovely weather lately, kinda shocking since its already April and normally we'd be peeling off layers instead of piling them back on.

A steady downpour, whooshes of hail - that scared my cat out of its wits - and strong winds have been dithering over Dubai.
I managed to capture these while staring, mouth agape, at the torrents of rain beating down on the streets.

Dubai skies

I love rain (go figure) and I miss it dreadfully since coming back home so I hope it lasts.

Have a fantastic week everyone. How many WIPs have y'all got ruminating at the back of your cupboards eh?

** - all mosaics created using this.


Kyoko said...

No WIP???? that is impossible for me!!! I have about 6-7 going on at the same time. Some totally disappeared into the black hole...
The tank top is really lovely. Great stitches! It's been a wonderful weather in the UK. Almost impossible. Hope you have a good week ;)

Carol said...


Preeti said...

Go Rain!!! Those WIPs are going to be done in no time! The pictures that you took of the lightning are amazing, I love the rain too and it's sad that it's back to being 30+ degrees again.

mona said...

Love that tank - what's the yanr ? It's gorgeously purple - my favourite colour.

opportunityknits said...

Hiya Rain! That halter tank is so lovely and fits great. Love those photos of you on Rambling Roses - first time I 'see' you. It's very nice to finally put a face to someone I've 'known' on the knitblogs for so long :) You've got a lovely, happy smile.
And I finally realised that you're no longer in M'sia but back in UAE. I'm slow .... :)
Glad to see you having fun with your knitting gal pals!

alt.ayu said...

I love that tank!!! (yes and I love the color too surprise surprise! haha)
I'm glad you have found more knitting pals where you are now. They always keep us going don't they? :)

Sharon said...

Looking great. Do I sense a purple theme here? When did you move to Dubai? How are you liking it there?

Annie said...

Wow lovely tank!! Glad to know that you have knitting pals back home!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely tank!! Glad to know that you already have knitting pals back home!

Lis Crafts said...

Nice halter! What pattern is it? And zero WIP?? Wow, I can never do that! ;)

By the way, I've moved my blog. It's now at See you there!