Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh happy days

First something that made me go SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!

My valentine's day pressie arrived a few weeks ago from my significant other (SO) in this lovely box:

He does have the knack for picking up pretty pretty boxes.

Inquisitive and damnably hard to surprise by nature, it was all I could to stop myself from badgering him with a deluge of questions.

Excuse the abstract and in-your-face shot, my itchy fingers were tingling to get to what was inside.

The reveal~

14.7 mega pixels of gorgeous! I've been lusting after this ever since Canon came out with this model, in this limited colour too. Isn't he the BEST?

Now you know why there have been pictures.

Ah but it didn't end there.

Every knitter's joy, a man who knows what she wants -->

SO didn't even know the name of a single knitting magazine but boy did he hit the jackpot. He picked these out himself.

Can you just picture the delirium yours truly was in? I think - nay I guess, that the rest of the day did pass by in haze of flashes, patterns and squeals.

Let's catch up on some FOs the shall we?

Argosy Scarf

Yarn: Knit picks Felici - Hummingbird
Skeins: 1
Needles: 3.5 mm straights
Blocked Length: 60" x 4"

Interesting to knit, lovely to wear.

Slouchy Hat

Yarn: Cashmira Acrylic - White
Skeins: 1.5
Needle: 5 mm hook

The little puffs are super cute but I'd add a little more slouch the next time round.


Yarn: Lily's Sugar 'n Cream
Skeins: 0.4
Needles: 4 mm

Fastest FO ever. Already in use at the kitchen sink.

That's all for today. I hope y'all have a great week.

Happy Knitting! I know I am.


Carol said...

I'd say you hit the jackpot!

Michelle said...

lucky girl!!!! that's a very nice present!!!

alt.ayu said...

those are great gifts!! hehehe and I like the color of the felici yarn!!

Kessa said...

Those are very nice gifts indeed. :) Love the FOs! Especially the colours of the scarf and the pretty puffy slouchy hat.

urban craft said...

Score on the camera, now take more photos of your stuff, love your work, cool blog. Thanks!

Nora said...

Oh, my!!! 14.7 megapixels! Enjoy!

Preeti said...

Love the red camera and the great pictures of the FOs!!! I didn't realize that you had a blog!!!!! It's amazing that your sweetheart is so thoughtful and even included knitting magazines in your package:)