Friday, June 08, 2007

Another Contest

Interrupting all mundane things (studying, studying and studying...okay I'm kidding, I haven't been studying much...mostly just wasting time) for a little fun.

Another contest for y'all to take part in. Simple to enter:
Leave a comment on Pheelya's blog post telling her about your favorite alcoholic drink or your favorite project, favorite yarn, favorite pattern or favorite anything :)
You should also mention that you found the contest from my blog and give her the address.

Then leave a post on your blog telling others about the contest and link back to her contest post asking people to say they found this contest off your blog =)

GOOD LUCK everyone!


Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

JL said...

Dear Rain,

Wish you luck in your exams.

Happy studying.

Sam said...

Hi Rain. I love your website. The story about the guy going home from work is great. It makes me want to invite my neighbors to pick veggies from my garden! I love that little Yugioh pattern. It's quick and fun. I'm glad your friend is getting use out of it. A cell phone cozy is a nice idea! I have now dropped two cell phones, cracking the screen on both!
Have a great day. Don't study too hard! Have some fun!

R a i n said...

Thanks Biby, JL and Sam!! Appreciate the comments and good wishes =D