Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tinkering along

Yes I have been bad. Bad bad bad. And I'm sorry. I promise I will be better from here on.

Y'all don't see me posting, feel free to knock me over the head and remind me. NOT that I have forgotten about you, oh no NO NO. MUAKZZ....I luuuuuuuuurve you guys.

Just that a post without a picture = pretty darn boring (heck, I wouldn't read it myself!). So today the opportunity arose to snap some pictures (note that I do NOT have a camera, heh) and I did so immediately.

Anyways a little update on life...
Uni - crazy as ever, reports piling high. Assignments haunting my dreams.
Life - the cricket world cup ended somewhat like a big fat stupid joke with players (presumably most were werewolves with bionic eyes) flailing about in the dark thanks to wonderful weather conditions in SA.
Knitting - behold...

The One Skein Wonder...

I know I know, its a rather frumpy picture. But its not done.

Sad to say, I look rather dumpy and fat in this. It somehow bunches around the armpits and the yarn is bulky and adds to my rather copius fat mass. I think I shall be undoing the ribbing to extend the sides to make it little wearable.

While I thought my OSW was an FO, I casted on for another project, the Reversible Winter Capelet with the yarn I received from my SP. It's going rather slow, which is expected since the original pattern was knit using 8mm needles and I am using 4.5mm needles. Heh.

A little preview...

Oh yes, here's something I've not had the opportunity to show you lurvely peeps. I was able to purchase this after winning a book voucher at my church. A blessed surprise, I must say!

It's a lovely book with wearable patterns. The scarves and socks however, not my cup of tea. Loving the little jackets and all. I shall give you a peek the moment I get access to a camera again.

Anyhoo, that's pretty much all that has happened knit wise so far. I'm hoping to make better progress before the next blog post. And hopefully with an FO in tow.

Just to add to my rambling, my To-do list for tomorrow:

  • Pathology - complete report, assignment and study for mini-test
  • Pharmacology - complete two reports
  • SCI (a totally useless subject) - prepare info for poster presentation
  • OSW - frog ribbing and extend stockinette (OR) extend ribbing (WHAT D'YALL THINK?)
  • Capelet - knit good woman, KNIT!

Y'all think I can do it?


Nora said...

Yes, knit! Oh, and study too.

Jennifer said...

You can do it!

JL said...

Love tat white yarn.

JL said...

You have my moral support !

Mira said...

You were supposed to show me the shrug!! :(

Good luck with work babe!

Sally said...

Go on! make it a 2 skein wonder then :)
Good luck with the rest and YES it is Peony. BTW,I have ordered more too.

bluey said...

yes u can do it :)